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    1. Stacking Assembly

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      The flexibility of the product reduces the cost of the conversion process
      Stacking is the boxes, bags, boxes, bottles, cardboard boxes stacked on a pallet of demanding applications, as a product before being loaded on trucks and shipped the last step in the pipeline. Flexibility pallet patterns, tooling flexibility and cycle time are three major challenges in the industry today automatic palletizing face. IKV palletizing palletizing systems for each of these challenges can provide a solution.

      IKV provide robot model designed for high speed, high load and long distance palletizing applications and design. A variety of software options allow users to quickly generate stacking tray mode and monitor system status. IKV in palletizing boxes, bags, barrels, kegs, glass bottles and frozen foods have a great experience, these are just to name a few.
      IKV can provide a solution for your production line brings flexibility and product palletizing rate, and this is precisely in today's competitive economy required.

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