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    1. Solutions

      IKV has years of robot research and development experience in various industries have accumulated a wide range of application technology. We support the customer's production line automation and increasing demand for productivity. The following application examples we experienced only a brief introduction.
      • Intelligent Warehousing

        Intelligent WarehousingIntelligent Warehousing
        The most mature intelligent warehouse solutions
      • Smart Factory

        Smart FactorySmart Factory
        Intelligent plant is the core of the future of intelligent manufacturing
      • Material Handling

        Material HandlingMaterial Handling
        Professional AGV system solutions
      • Spot welding

        Spot weldingSpot welding
        Professional spot welding robot
      • Polished & Polishing

        Polished & PolishingPolished & Polishing
        To provide you with the robot system as a whole solution!
      • Stacking Assembly

        Stacking AssemblyStacking Assembly
        The world's leading supplier of palletizing robot


      AGV intelligent robots perform basic logistics, cargo locate, identify, crawl and cargo and other functions, depending on the application scenario, the robot can achieve intelligent logistics transport function of light, heavy and other types of logistics. Among them, the automatic navigation software, motion control module and the robot motion unit is a major component of intelligent robot platform. And compared to traditional logistics AGV, AGV intelligent robot platform can be a simple function to achieve full freedom of movement, security or transport logistics crawl flexible!

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