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      • <b>Automatic spraying robot</b>

        Automatic spraying robot

        Automatic Spraying Robot is also called Painting Robot. Spray Painting Robot is available for automatic spray painting or other coating of industrial robots. Painting robots generally use hydraulic drive, with fast action, good explosion-proof perform...
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      • <b>Milling robot</b>

        Milling robot

        Milling Robot also named as Robotic Milling, can perform the exact cuts and precise movements needed to produce the highest quality parts. Automated robot milling systems can have flexible tooling designed to cater to specific material removal....
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      • <b>Palletizing robot</b>

        Palletizing robot

        A robotic palletizing or palletiser robot is a machine which provides automatic means for stacking cases of goods or products onto a pallet. Palletizing robot refers to loading and unloading parts, boxes or other items to or from pallets....
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      • <b>Loading and unloading robot</b>

        Loading and unloading robot

        Loading and unloading robot is as an industrial robot. Loading and unloading robot can meet the "Fast / bulk processing the beat", "save on labor costs," "increase productivity", etc., ideal for growing plants....
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      • Picking and placing robots

        Picking and placing robots

        Picking and placing robots application is defined as the picking of products and packing them into a case or tray. In most packaging robots operations, product is delivered from a primary packaging operation on a continuously moving conveyor and rando...
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      • 90-200 kg robotic arm palletizer with 6 axis

        90-200 kg robotic arm palletizer with 6 axis

        Robotic arm palletizer with 6 axis is used to palletize packages. This 6 axis palletizer robot is four free-degree cylinder surface coordinate. It is moved by horizontal movement axis, vertical movement axis, rotation foundation and front hand axis. ...
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      •  industrial robot arm

        industrial robot arm

        According to different working requirements, the industrial robot arm has different type. We can do industrial robot arm according to customer's requirements. Industrial robot has wide application with different structures....
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      • <b>6 axis industrial robot arm</b>

        6 axis industrial robot arm

        Industrial 6 axis robot arm introduction 6 axis payload robot is the industrys most common form of industrial robots in todays form, also known as joint arm robot or joint robot arm. Suitable for many industrial areas of mechanical automation operati...
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      • 6 axis palletizer robot

        6 axis palletizer robot

        6 axis palletizer robot Improves adjustment, large load and long arm display smart palletizing robots. It is equipped with a smart palletizing software package to automatically generate palletizing programs. It can be equipped with all kinds of speci...
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      • <b>automatic 4 axis palletizer robot</b>

        automatic 4 axis palletizer robot

        autocmatic 4-axis palletizing robot has been mass-produced. It is widely used in palletizing and handling of beverages, beer, food, tobacco, chemical, logistics and many other industries, with an average service life of more than 10 years. Direct flo...
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