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      The application field of AGV unmanned carrier is expanding step by step

      Date: 2019-09-28 11:02????Clicks: ????Autor: IKVROBOT????

      With the continuous upgrading of technology and the breakthrough of its own performance structure, AGV unmanned carrier is expanding its application field and becoming the production equipment that some industries can not refuse. Nanchang AGV is a professional AGV manufacturer in Jiangxi. The AGV equipments provided include latent AGV, traction AGV and backpack AGV, which can meet the production needs of different industries and customize R&D and production according to the actual needs of users.

      The AGV unmanned carrier provided by IKV can replace manual operation in cold storage, darkroom, high temperature space and dangerous area environment, effectively reducing the occurrence of safety accidents. AGV handling robot has the characteristics of flexible transfer, automatic handling, safe and stable handling industry, long service life, etc. It is widely used in household appliances manufacturing, 3C electronics, tobacco food, warehousing logistics and other industries, among which warehousing logistics industry is more widely used.

      industrial agv robot

      The AGV handling system provided by IKV can connect with other systems (such as MES, WCS, ERP, RFID, etc.) to realize information interaction. AGV handling system realizes intelligent and flexible transportation operation of multiple AGV carriers under multi-task and multi-location conditions, and realizes efficient and multi-machine cooperative transportation operation between AGV carriers. In order to ensure the best use effect of AGV for customers, AGV manufacturers need to have a full understanding of the products, production processes, working conditions and environment of the customer site, so as to provide users with satisfactory and efficient AGV handling equipment and programs.

      The AGV car navigation provided by IKV includes magnetic navigation, two-dimensional code navigation, laser navigation and slam navigation. At present, the magnetic navigation AGV has been widely used in factories in the past few years, while the current two-dimensional code navigation (logistics AGV) AGV is widely used in electrical warehouses, and the two-dimensional code navigation can only be used to carry small items; for laser navigation AGV, it is generally applicable to modern factories, and the current market is more popular laser navigation, because the maintenance cost is low and it is not easy to damage. Users can choose the corresponding navigation mode according to their working conditions. IKV is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the R&D, design, production and sales of AGV and automation solutions. For more information, please consult info@www.kulig7w.site.

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