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    1. Company Culture

      Contact us
      Tel: +86 791 88121058
      Mob.: +86 18616221220
      E-mail: info@www.kulig7w.site
      Fax: 0791-88120916
      Address: No. 188 Changxin Road, Nanchang, China.

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      IKV Corporate mission

      Focus on the development of AGV, intelligent logistics, intelligent manufacturing systems. Develop new value, so that more people live a better quality of life!

      IKV Business Vision

      To become internationally competitive industrial robot supplier;

      IKV Business purposes

      To provide professional services to create a good return for shareholders, creating space for development,
      Create public value for the community, to achieve the harmonious development of the company and the customers, shareholders, employees and the community.

      IKV Service concept

      Professional, efficient, quality, integrity

      IKV Core values

      Proactive, harmonious development

      IKV Entrepreneurship

      Unity and cooperation, dedicated and trustworthy, sound and pragmatic, innovative and enterprising

      IKV Conduct

      Simple, respectful, responsible; the company's interests first, the personal income legal.

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