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    1. Industrial Controller

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      • BTAD-CZ Data Acquisition Card

        BTAD-CZ Data Acquisition Card

        BTAD-CZ data acquisition card performance 1.supports MODBUS RTU / MODBUS TCP / TCPIP / HTTP standard protocol; 2.suitable for industrial field power supply (24V DC, with the general PLC power supply); 3.the measuring signal range: 30Mv / 100Mv / 500...
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      • BTDP data processing card

        BTDP data processing card

        All of the collected data are handled and output here. At the same time, it will proceed communication via InSwtich connecting Internet or mobile communication....
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      • BTS motion control card

        BTS motion control card

        BTS motion control card also called BTS series movement control card is developed based the market requirement about low price, high quality movement controller. The movement control card has multiple function or advantages. ...
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      • BTMC Industrial controller

        BTMC Industrial controller

        BTMC series industrial controller platform packs all of the hardware unit required by the automated industrial controller product as independent module. Each module has unified port and structure feature. Different module can be quickly integrated bas...
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